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With 30 years of experience, catering & food is what we do best. Our experience coupled with our track record reveals our success in catering for weddings, wedding receptions, corporate functions, house parties and all sorts of other events, as in ‘you name it and Jumbo will do it!’


We have catered to a full capacity of 12,000 diners with a maximum of 30 functions a day satisfactorily. We also cater for small intimate parties of any size depending on the minimum number of diners. Settings are no different, as JUMBO Restaurant & Catering Sdn Bhd is most happy to obliged and well prepared to provide a variety of food display setup & seating layouts. Our experience especially in crowd flow and food serving will be of great assistance in planning and managing events of any size.

Check out our wide variety of menus and choose from Aromatic Traditional Indian, Exotic Sri Lankan, Flavorful North Indian, Hot & Spicy Thai and Moghul and Fusion Indo-Chinese. Additionally, we even have Western and Barbeque menus depending on the type of function.



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