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A large portion of JUMBO's menu is centred on traditional South Indian cuisine that has an intense play of ancient and healthy spices and herbs. It can be said that Indian cuisine and preparation is very much deep rooted in Ayurveda food with the widest taste palate - Savoury, Sweet, Spicy, Bitter, Salty, Sour and Tangy for digestive and nourishing balance. Around this base, all-time-favourites of North Indian – Malaysian cuisines and select Western snacks and party-food items are made available to compliment and suit the diverse Malaysian cultural background and their love of great tasting food to be spread out at their event.


All efforts are carefully taken in detail to design, replicate and prepare typical-South Indian menu preparation that evolved over thousands of years of heritage. From the Malabar coast of flavourful Kerala, to birth place of great Briyanis of Hyderabad, heading southwards along the Bay of Bengal from Andhra Pradesh through Tamil Nadu which is full of rich mix herbs and spice blends and finally across the Palk Straits into chilli-spicy Sri Lanka. The varied mix and usage of coconut, herbs, spices and various base of oils, have created unique cuisines such as the world renowned Chettinad cuisine and the Malaysian all-time-favourite meal of the Banana Leaf spread.


With all these special preparations, it is a challenge to confine over 300 items into over 25 menus. And we have not mentioned the cuisine of Northern India yet! It is hoped that as you venture and explore the JUMBO menu, you would be able to capture and present to your guests the authentic heritage of curries, masalas, spices and herbs, adding an all important flavour to your event......


Good Food, Wonderful Service, Appealing Presentation & Sincere JUMBO You Matter.


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