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Breakfast Menu


With 20 over  combined items, the JUMBO Breakfast is presented into 3 categories typically, South Indian, Malaysian and Continental spread to cater for your event type, theme or simply taste.

Dome Concept


Thinking of an exquisite dining experience without inconveniencing your guest? Well, the JUMBO Dome Concept comes in 3 different menus to choose from with a base of 30 items served at individual tables for a sit-down dining experience.



The all-Malaysian-mix centered around a mix of Indian-Western snacks are made available in the JUMBO Standard Hi-Tea menus with over 25 items to choose from. Four customized Hi-Tea menus are available.

Hi-Tea (Vegetarian)


With 25 items under 4 menus, the JUMBO Vegetarian Hi-Tea will surely complete any late afternoon event that requires a full vegetarian Hi-Tea spread. Typical Indian, Malaysian-Chinese all time favourite snacks are featured.

Lunch / Dinner


JUMBO all time favourites Lunch and Dinner section delivers 4 menu variations with a total of 48 items covering great Indian, Malaysian and Ethnic choices.

Lunch / Dinner (Vegetarian)


The vegetarian JUMBO Lunch and Dinner menu is specially created with all efforts to serve up a variety of vegetarian with 6 menus consisting of 64 items from an array of vegetables and soya-alternatives, all traditionally cooked.

Select & Match


Having a basic JUMBO menu drawn up, Select & Match section provides customization options with over 63 items to choose from to switch from the basic JUMBO menu.


The JUMBO OTS Speciality Stalls are manned by Specialist-Chefs who instantly cook up all-time favourites while entertaining your guests. With over 20 Speciality stalls with respective items to select from, a combination of 2, 3,4 or more items are available from snacks to roasts, desserts, rotis-&-breads, “goreng-goreng”, etc.


Our Chefs are more than willing to entertain your guests with instant cooking at your event. JUMBO Chef’s Instant Cooking offers over 24 items to select from and create an unique experience at your event.


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