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Over the years JUMBO has carefully sourced, selected, developed and nurtured various food ingredient suppliers that have passion deeply rooted in their business as JUMBO. This directly affects the quality and freshness of ingredients that are procured by JUMBO.


The best efforts are focused in selecting and securing quality livestock-poultry-seafood produce that forms the key ingredients of the JUMBO cuisine experience.


Freshly harvested fruits and vegetable that arrive overnight from the country’s export driven agriculture farms have been arranged and procured for freshness.


Spices form the very defining nature of the JUMBO Cuisine preparation and experience. We work with one of Malaysia’s well known and respected importers of raw spices. This relationship has grown flavorfully.


At JUMBO, we also prepare our very own blend of curry and masala paste and powders that are solely used for our catering preparations and deliver the unique JUMBO Cuisine experience.


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